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Writers are all Secret Jews
How We Love
Your Village
Letter to My Son, in Utero
A Strikingly Unsettled Portent
Light-sensitive Puzzle Piece
The Sewing Room
In the Chevy
"your memory is a synagogue, what is its God?"
And after, there is still more light.
Dear Santa,
Dear Tooth Fairy, 
Dear Shamash,
[On week 12 of the semester]
[Dear Maya, The Tel Afek-Tel Aviv Trail]
[Dear Maya, The bus driver on the way]
Dark Smile
The Shekninah as Exile
Untitled (Sonnet)
Litany For Audre Lorde & Lily
The Fall
Trying to Write About God Again
The Tree of Knowledge
Notes While Hungry on the Road
from Further Adventures
And I Knew Everything Would Remain Ordinary
Carrier Test
[At what moment in the development of the fetus]
Nuremberg Laws
Jewish Identity Politics (1 & 2)
Foreigner / For Eigner
Eternal Life
Dreams with an Open Window
A Town No One Lives In
Driving Out of the Woods to the Motel
Saying Goodbye to La Habana in May
The Old Testament
Le Choix de Sophie
[So I Wanted]
[One small incident, of this]
[Let's say]
[Miscounted sonnet]
Villanelle (with Ghosts)
789: Song in Search of a Child
The Book of Lumenations: Eicha I
The Book of Lumenations: Eicha V
Mi Shebeirach
Kaddish 1
Kaddish 2
Kaddish 3
Air and Space Museum
Incredulity of St. Thomas
Merry Gentleman, God Rest
Moses in Brooklyn
Ode to the Sudden Forgetting of Your Grief
The Pale of Settlement
[From] Kasm of Arachny
Theater of Inheritance
Prologue to Paradise
Theater of Desire: Wasp Choir
Every day is sighted
e.g., expand—ing mem sofit
for Rachel Kaufman in the archives
for Billie Chernicoff, who writes
a word's a juglet, a letter's a shard, enlarge a letter
Woman Furnishing
A Walk in the Park
Immigrant Song
Big Wide-Open Mouth
When Flight was a Miracle, Navigators Dignified the Stars by Hand
What I Am an Allegory for Remains a Mystery to Me
Another Calling
And who are you supposed to be?
Why There is No Hebrew Word for Obey
A Welcome
Darker and Above Us
Second Parent in the Earth
Notes on Anxiety
In the Here and Now
The Black Bee
Yom Kippur
That I Am Not More Terrified
To Name the Climate More Correctly
Notre Dame on Fire
Love in a Time of Companies
Heat Dome
Ocean Deep (or "The Waters")
[Turns out the sprinklers indiscriminately]
Pines at Ponary
God of Roots
The Margin and Carmen Crest
Using Salicin
Theory on time via Saturday afternoon
Forbidden Love
The Jewish Hammer
After Dale Earnhardt Died in a Car Crash
Mazel Tov
Tradescantia Zebrina
Personal Ad as Portal
Cloud Conditions
structural panic
The Severed Head of Orpheus Sings Because It Has To
Click Bait
Stalinism III (The Cloud Atlas)
A Compilation of Last-Phone-Booth-in-the-World Yelp Reviews (circa 2019-2024)
A Sound
Walk Hum
Less for Certain
The Confession
tu b'av
Radii [For Sent Regrets]
Multiple Ways of Condolences
To Navigate
Bascom Pill
The Concubine On the Hill
A City Like a Guillotine Shivers on Its Way to the Neck
In a Time of Peace
Happy New Year
Event Horizon
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