Sex Dream
“…of the kind one finds on the page before the Bible begins.”
                                                                                          —Larry Levis

All of this 
underwater once     hard to picture

Harder still to recall the sound her wings made
over those first few days
that far underground (thank

you trauma      Ambien
& Microsoft) 

Then again every chemical
induced spell even
to a child feels like home eventually

There you are     beginning & end
One day here

The next there (by the by give
my love to
Gretta Garbo)    

How clever     searching for mountain
spring water    
while the devil plays sudoku          

Close by     gray wolves
patrolling a ravine
cut by the same rains that washed

away the Garden
True     Adam never saw Eve’s thing
for snakes coming 
Even closer     father sleeptalking
again the words
this time coming

in bands of sevens
& threes mostly 
Closer than death itself     mother’s

worn to hell Baltimore Catechism
reeking still of the war
to end all wars
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