Flowers' Clothing
I saw a flower growing out of the sand.
What does this flower signify?
The flower had a saddle in it.
What does this saddle signify?
As I rode, the saddle fell off.
The sea remained and on the walls, yellow noodles.
Some curved, others broke in half,
a shapeless yellow
was seen through them.
The water turned bloody.
Leaves started to fall into it.
When I smelled it,
I knew it was laurel.
I felt the ground beneath my toes.
At first the ground was moving.
It seemed like it had a corroded and hard back.
I couldn’t remember a turtle having a relief.
The water was drained.
Everything that floated in the water
flew under me.
But there was no ground.
I walked over the vacant hardness.
Far away a long wet broom was sliding across
the horizon, I couldn’t see if
it was alive or not, if it was rolling up
legs or fur, or was something only
hanging from it and it wasn’t a broom
at all.
Then we were all sucked into a soft substance,
a boiling mirror, but it didn’t burn.
It was boiling only because it was
liquid, not from
heat, and it started to harden.
I was up to my waist in the flower growing out of the sand
and I knew immediately that now I could go
anywhere else.
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