City of the Future
There’s room for everyone, as in an album you add pages to, we often change places with each other to see what it’s like, moving around until we’re in a place somebody else was in—as long as it’s different it doesn’t matter if it’s not the same, you actually expect it to be different, and if it’s not it’s about to be, the way one page isn’t that different from the next until you start reading.  On the map there’s a tear from being opened and closed so often, there isn’t any special lighting, such as flood lighting or accent lighting, we’re not even buying subscriptions. Sometimes I think it’s better not to dislike anything, the way a saddle is something you sit on and slip off of.  We often sit down together, showing each other how something isn’t the same or how things that seem to be different are the same, pressing against each other in order to feel the pressure, isn’t this what love requires?  It’s true, there’s a lot of turnover, turning to the side or turning away, going both ways like a kind of arbitrage—we’re not thinking this is it, or this is all there is, like a documentary where you find out everything about yourself.  When you try something on of course you want somebody to tell you what it looks like, and how you’re going to like it, if you think of it as a composition it’s practically all development.  Isn’t love what we’re moving toward when we’re moving away from everything else?  Sometimes we switch sides to find a position we’re comfortable in, or turn over to see what it’s like on the top or the bottom—of course, you expect it to be different, is it different from what you expected?  There are also times when it’s difficult to change at the same time it’s difficult to stay the same, this is just an example, there are plenty of others.
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