Driving Directions from Intercourse, PA to Climax, PA
Google Maps tells you it is 244 miles
and it takes 4 hours and 9 minutes, which is a problem
since you have been told your stamina can only
be maintained four hours until you must stop
to see a doctor. You have not made the road trip
before yet with the most eager of hopes
borne of many years of anticipation,
you head west on PA-340 W toward PA-772 E,
take the ramp onto U.S. 30 W, toward I-81.
In 3 miles, you will merge onto I-83 N,
continue onto US-322/230 E/Harrisburg.
(Be extremely careful not to miss this exit.
Others have and found themselves
in Hell, Michigan.)  Continue onto US-322 W.
Make a slight right onto PA-144 N
and another slight right toward S Harrison Rd.

Oddly for a time like this, you remember
Beverly Harrison from high school civics class.
You may feel ecstatic at this point, wonder
why you don’t make this journey more often.
Now turn left to merge onto PA-26 N
Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Interstate 99 N.
Continue onto PA-26 N/US-220 N.
Do a slight right to merge onto I-80 W toward DuBois W.
You know, like Blanche Dubois in that movie.
At this point, you may begin to feel anxiety,
perhaps even pain. You think maybe
you should be mowing or raking the grass.
Take a slight left onto PA-28 S/North St.
Make a slight left onto State Rte. 1004,
and finally, a slight right onto State Rte. 1009.
Your destination, Climax, is on your right. You can’t miss.
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