Eternal Argument, My Ancestry
Somewhere it was leaking.  We had our theories—took
the lead from a wolf.  Held it under my nose.  That’s how
climbing the rafters proved helpful.  What could evidence say
if it was a pact or a spy thing?  They made a poor showing
of it.  Because I’m attached.  Located near the crawl-space.   
Unsettling, systems broke down.  Planets bulging when you
look closer at the synapses.  An afterimage powders the
sheen away.   Questioned hundreds of times.   Would he even
be a suspect if they were absorbed into the proscenium? 
Legend has it that the sea gives it up debris.  Scatters without
a plan.  And looking at my matrilineage, I’d fall into that group.  
Let’s assume more sounds were audible.  A grimace signals
foreign voices.  What particular gravity does she trust?  Press
down to listen.  I’m the richer for it.  Like a mess full of wind. 
The attic beams hesitate.  Give in.  As wind blows and pleads
behind our ears.  Emptying more proves it.  Small gears left inside.
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