The Tasks of Angels
I was reading today about the tasks of angels.
Archangel Uriel, the wizened hermit.
He’s the one who assists

with loneliness. We can’t hear or see him,
but his colors are mustard and cobalt blue.
He’s the angel who dwells

in the Steller’s jay. Call on him to understand
the wonders of your soul,

Explore with Uriel the mysteries of superposition,
probability, entanglement. Other angels’ auras
are yellow, purple, pink,

but this is where I lose interest with my spiritual
support team, where I start to crave
my mother’s voice.

What would my mother have made of angelic auras,
of Ralphael, patron saint of paralysis? Mostly,
angels are tasked

with nudging us to drink more water, get more sleep.
Mostly, they’re in the calm and stillness market,
making sure we do not die from grief.
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