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Hydrogen (Legend)

Inside an assumption an orbital. It is tucked. Where is inside. Outside a pond or a planet is a shape and it precesses. An electron is sometimes. One thing is not another except hydrogen. Hydrogen is itself and countable. The electron in hydrogen moves. It moves and its orbital moves. The movement of the electron and the movement of its orbital are not the same movement. Sometimes an independence. What coincides when an orbital makes an outside is a shield. What is in a container. A bucket has shape and is precise. It precesses. Matter is a good idea and we can measure it. A bucket contains uncertainty and precision. What do we know about hydrogen. The first is the least and it is occupied. There is a table and a territory in it. Hydrogen is situated. An inside is good after all. After all an inside is tucked and we can draw it. Are we sure. If we are not sure can we measure that. Can we measure a pond with edges. A coastline is an edge and receding. Can we draw boundaries. A pond is a collapse. Its measurement precesses and has circumference. We measure it and it is full. Fullness is good and makes for rejoicing.

Quantum Pendulum (Legend)

It resembles a pendulum and maybe is in motion. It is a diagram it is the diagram of. Resemblance is a bold line and is straight. A black circle is at the bottom and is solid. A jittery motion implied at the bottom. Jittery motion is concentric half circles on each side. It is shown. Half circles jut out a resemblance and parentheses. Parentheses jut out and what juts out decreases. Ellipses have size and resemble. Are ellipses a dominion everywhere. Dots are everywhere and a question mark at an end in both directions. If in one direction a question mark. On either side of a bold straight line a series. Thinner lines of fine and this is motion. What means motion or possible motion is a picture. Did I mention a feather. A pendulum is substantial and there are rules. Rules of pendulums are mathematical and can be drawn. This is figure one. Figure one is a quantum pendulum please look at it. It is black and white and gray and bare. A figure gives and does not give. Springs and pendulums describe objects a handful. One tool is a hammer and a sink which explains. Please believe this figure. It is effective. 

Zero Diameter (Legend)

This is a real one. Of what. It is fundamental. In an event a real thing happens. A real thing is point-like and fundamental. If real is point-like in its properties. Is it. We can discuss properties at length it if it is real cannot have a length. If it is fundamental. It is as is required by theory. As depicted. An ornament is fundamental. If it has already been point-like is there an after. Theory has decided a real one is a thing with zero diameter. Is our theory essential. Are our properties outside the bounds do they have a non-zero diameter. If so. Who writes its properties and is riveted by an ornament. Why love it. Why love the fundamental the loose change and span. Why love spatial extension or its absence. Then a celebration. Then an acrobat and the diameter of the unreal. We are a stirring and a box has size. We are amok therefore it must be point-like. Singular and we knew it was colorless. We have been a scanning microscope and a pottery wheel. Why love a perforation. A diameter is stamped and grows. It cannot grow as required by theory. Why love a growing outward. And so. It is a seat it is a kind of seating. We knew it was colorless and striking. We could see it from nowhere. This vantage
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