Mary Grimm What Your Mother Would Say If Her Mouth Was Whole

Be good, be careful kkkkMost people are good but there are some, just a few really kkkkkkDon’t walk by yourself in the woods in the dark kkkkDon’t kkkI loved you first not the best but first for I thought you wouldn’t come I thought you would never come kl Drink orange juice every day kkkTake an aspirin if you’re sick kkkA little whiskey for cramps if you must kkOh, your grandfather had a temper oh he could get so mad but we learned how to stay out of the way kkkHere on the other side my hair is the old golden of my childhood, no need to dye it anymore kkkI can walk all day, can work until I’m tired and your father, your father, or was that before kkkI meant to say more, to have said more kkkkkk I meant to tell you kkkPick out your furniture carefully, a piece at a time, one good piece to start and then kkkWhen I lay down in my last bed you spoke of snow, there was snow falling on that day, wasn’t there kkkBe good, was that it, or be careful kkDon’t wear your hair in your face, show off your lovely face kkkYou know your father and I, you know we both kkkYou spoke of snow and I said yes, and then

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