Doug Ramspeck Yellowjacket Dreams

the boys see them building a nest in the backyard
flying in and out of an opening of dirt
some fissure in the fabric of everything
& in the dense heat of noon the yellowjackets swarm
into a strange vortex kkas ancient
as the cuneiform writing of deer prints the boys
see sometimes in the soft mud beside the creek
& in their dreams the boys stand amid
the levitating wasps with their eyes closed
& arms spread kk& the creatures land one by one
on their skin kk& sting them on their necks & hands
& faces & backs kl& then the boys murder
the yellowjackets one by one swatting them
& stomping them with their shoes kl& then the boys
crawl into that opening of dirt & listen
for the frenetic hum of their own bodies

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