Doug Ramspeck Sister Rides Her Stick Horse Toward Eternity

here is my back to carry you the driveway says
& sister says ride ride kk& sister says we will ride
into the sea & swim
kk& in her mind the horse

is a raft kkl& in her mind her dead father
is the sea kk& the sea says i am the eye of the sky
& sister rides the stick horse to the mailbox

then back kkl& the mailbox says your hooves
are tall ladders kl
& my mother watches you the window
& mother thinks my daughter is a storm surge

my daughter is an orbit kkk& the stick horse says
the glassy sky is a country kk& the grass beside
the driveway says i am the earth's fingertips

& the girl clomps the same foot forward again & again
& the horse is a bird burrowing into clouds
& the horse says all motion is a ghost

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