Claire Marie Staneck [When Layers Of Consciousness Are Stripped Away]

When layers of consciousness are stripped away: what kind of hearing is that? You reminded me that the word passion suggests not just strong emotion but also passivity.

I feel her rhythms in my ear all day and especially when I get into bed, the same way in which after spending the day swimming in the ocean, the waves continue to buffet one's body.

Death regarded my sleeping form. A hole through.

O green vigor of the rumpled nouns, tumbling.

Coleridge, bewildered by his baby's cries, rushed the infant Hartley out into nightingale night, to where the moon calmed the child, as it calmed himself in another poem, like friendship, and friendship's strength, imparting an abstracted absorption form which, childlike, he rose, and found himself in prayer.

O green vigor of the night air, dense with heavenly bodies made of cold and light.

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