Bryce Berkowitz Dirty Dancing Saves the World

I was lifting dumbbells over my head

when Hungry Eyes began to play on the stereo system.

The room was filled with weights and mirrors

and awkward male-to-male eye contact.

These hyper masculine gym-goers,

with their maxing out and counting of reps

began to search the rafters and carpet like lost dogs.

Their heterosexual preferences

suddenly shaken by an 80’s pop song.

Is this not what the world needs more of?

Aggressive men avoiding confrontation,

men suddenly filled with fear and humility.

Perhaps, instead of weapons of mass destruction,

we should play Hungry Eyes over the world’s loudspeakers during moments of exercise.

Think about it: we could take the U.S. defense fund,

rebuild schools, roads, wipe out educational debt

all with the push of a button, with a song

that made Patrick Swayze dance.

And wouldn’t that be fucking magical?

I mean, Jesus. All this time, who knew

that the fate of humanity rested on six words:

Nobody puts baby in a corner.

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