Issue 53.1 Spring 2020

Table of Contents


Elizabeth Gauffreau
  1. Cindy's Albino Skunk
Kirsten Allio
  1. Naiad
Tom Noyes
  1. Pink Elephant
Carling Ramsdell
  1. The Mermaid Kingdom
Matt Daughenbaugh
  1. The Art Critic
Mary Grimm
  1. Summer Is Only A Construct
  2. What Your Mother Would Say If Her Mouth Was Whole
Carol LaHines
  1. Unisphere


Amanda Leahy
  1. Late(r) Fragment
  2. Seven Simultaneously Occurring Present Realities Of You and I
Michael Levan
  1. Crazy
  2. Triage
Diane Goettel
  1. From "What To Do"
Sarah Kloos
  1. Flashes
Tom McAllister
  1. 2001


Oliver de la Paz
  1. Diaspora Sonnet 36
George Kalamaras
  1. The Only "Other" Harmless Great Thing
Lara Egger
  1. Kiss Me And You Will See How Important You Are
  2. Mutual Disambiguation
Gabriel Palacios
  1. The Spanish Trail Motel
Cindy Savett
  1. Aging
Jeffrey Bean
  1. My Yard
Robert Fanning
  1. Man In A Galaxy
  2. Child Carrier
Keith Tuma
  1. Ideology
  2. Musicology
Carol Potter
  1. The Requisite Bad Hair
Tony Trigilio
  1. New Semester Diary
  2. Dating While Married
A. Molotkov
  1. Roundabout Scrutiny
Angie Macri
  1. Everything Will Be Splendid: The Grandmother Will Not Drink Habitually
Jared Harél
  1. Dolls Can't Talk
John A. Nieves
  1. Jefferson Watches His Tombstone Nowhere (Near His Grave)
Doug Ramspeck
  1. Sister Rides Her Stick Horse Toward Eternity
  2. Snow Prophecy
  3. The Moon Opens & Closes Its Gates
  4. Yellowjacket Dreams
Juan J. Morales
  1. The Lighthouse Dream
  2. The Veil, Or, Dad Checks In With Another Dream
Maw Shein Win
  1. Containers
  2. Cinema
Joseph Harms
  1. Phlogiston
Paul Dickey
  1. She Made The Truth Out Of Mud Pies
Lauren Moseley
  1. Albedo Effect
  2. Elephant Bird
Cassandra Cleghorn
  1. Papier Mǎché
Albert Abonado
  1. Outer Banks
Diane K. Martin
  1. Cat Baby
  2. Three's A Crowd
Nathalie Khankan
  1. Still Torn
  2. We Consume Summer
  3. It's A Living Situation
Jason Tandon
  1. My Hand In The Lamplight
  2. Not Writing
Anthony Procopio Ross
  1. So, You're Told
Caroline Chavatel
  1. Internet Searches, Brief History
Claire Marie Staneck
  1. [Out From Sleep's Dewdark Corriders]
  2. [Sometimes The Visionary Epiphany Is A Simple One]
  3. [When Layers Of Consciousness Are Stripped Away]
Ali Beemsterboer
  1. Motives
  2. The Bukowski
Laura Bandy
  1. Charley Horse
Dan Kaplan
  1. The Calendar Of Exclusive Events
  2. Pot Pies Are Back
José Angel Araguz
  1. Wax Lips
  2. Pavlovian
Kayla Ellenbecker
  1. Tuesday Again (One)
  2. Tuesday Again (Three)
Maddie Pospisil
  1. The Men On The Roof
  2. Peter Gets Cabin Fever Day 2 And Leaves The House
Mary Biddinger
  1. Heaven And Its Choppy Water
  2. Gray Horse
Karla Kelsey
  1. Phoenix Under Water
Roy Bentley
  1. Beautiful Plenty
Charles Kell
  1. Dead Letter Office
  2. Genet Among The Cemetery
William Virgil Davis
  1. Hugo Gone Missing
Danny Rivera
  1. The Ballad Of The Pantera Negra
Ashley Keyser
  1. Ultima Thule
Christine Degenaars
  1. Outside The Grey Dog In Chelsea


Tom Griffen
  1. Review Of Maya Sonenberg's "After The Death Of Shostakovich Pére"
Jacquelyn Scott
  1. Review Of Gleah Powers' "Million Dollar Red"

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