Issue 52 point 1, Spring 2019

Table of Contents


John Meyers
  1. Gearhead
Sarah Anne Strickley
  1. Local Missing Girl Found Dead Again
Amanda Kabak
  1. A Bit of Truth


Lance Larson
  1. Aphorisms for a Lonely Planet
Lori Horvitz
  1. A Threesome with Time
S. Craig Renfroe Jr.
  1. The Tree and the Screen
Casey Pycior
  1. About my Dog, Though


Andy Stallings
  1. The Specific Demands of the Site
  2. Patterns into Which All Elements can be Entered
Sasha West
  1. Doubt
Jeff Hardin
  1. Another Day
Arthur Vogelsang
  1. Any Day Now
  2. Home
Dana Alsamsam
  1. Impressionism with Pigeons Fucking
Jim Daniels
  1. Ohio Turnpike Blues
David Greenspan
  1. Sometimes Life Ain't Short Enough At All
David Dodd Lee
  1. The Plan
  2. I'm Serious
  3. 11:20's Two Big Hemispheres
William Virgil Davis
  1. At the Vernissage
Elizabeth Dodd
  1. When Did Dennis Hopper Step in to Help Us With Grief's Pep Assembly
  2. And It's the Only World There Ever Was. So Says William James
Chris Forhan
  1. Thoughtless
Graham Henderson
Brad Richard
  1. How One Goes On
M.A. Vizsolyi
  1. Moonlight Vision
  2. Southeast Heading
Marcus Meyers
  1. Ted-Tailed Hawk
Kathleen Peirce
  1. Silver Moorit
  2. Birthday Eve
Piotr Gwiazda
  1. Melancholy Bats
  2. Mixed Signals
Zach Savich
  1. Flywheel
  2. Other Prophets
Tom Paine
  1. Olga Owens Hudkins
  2. Under the Eucalyptus
Brigitte Byrd
  1. from "After the War to End All Wars"
  2. Pink Helmet Sonnet
Haines Eason
  1. The Misfortunes of the Good
  2. The Moonbase
Ai Aida
  1. Black
  2. White
Katherine Davis
  1. The Seasonal Body
  2. Passage
Jen Karetnick
  1. Soil Taxonomy
Saddiq Dzukogi
  1. Memories by the Sea
Michael Romary
  1. Now and Wigner
Benjamin Balthaser
  1. Paradise
Wendy Barker
  1. Sour Take
  2. In Praise of Stumps
Brooke Matson
  1. Orionid Meteor
  2. Electron Cloud
  3. Elegy in a State of Porcelain
Grant Matthew Jenkins
  1. Unseen Time
Bruce Cohen
  1. The Developing Room of Unreliable Sleepers
  2. Hour Glasses
Erica Bernheim
  1. Everything was a Year Ago
  2. Imposters: When You Are Not You
Jason Tandon
  1. At the Office
  2. Thinking about Laughter
Elaine Terranova
  1. Tan Espadrilles
  2. Monkfish. Manatee.
  3. Mirror
Rick Bursky
  1. The Hydra Spiritual
  2. The Poem at the Funeral Spiritual
Dana Roeser
  1. Notes for the House Sitter: Addendum
  2. Derby Party
Paul Dickey
  1. We never Understood Ezra Pound
  2. Ceremonial Hat for Eating Bouillabaisse (Eileen Agar, 1936)
Janice Majewski
  1. say it so it is
  2. unfolding
Albert Goldbarth
  1. Flying over Iowa at Night
  2. The Unkown
Alyse Knorr
  1. Hello


Kim Frank
  1. Review of "Made by Mary" by Laura Catherine Brown
Eduardo N. Dawson
  1. When Europe Met Africa: Political Coquetry and the Ontology of the Modern
Adrian Koesters
  1. The Compelling Voice of an Unreliable Narrator: Lynne Lurie's "Museum of Stones"


Ximena Gomez
  1. Seven Poems, Seven Shadows
  2. co-translated by Ximena Gomez and George Franklin
Ales Steger
  1. Walnut
  2. The Lord Said
  3. translated by Brian Henry
Ana M. Fores Tamayo
  1. Refugiado
  2. Refugee

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