Table of Contents


Darren Dillman
  1. The Abortionist's Daughter
Robert Long Foreman
  1. Grace
Wynne Hungerford
  1. The Wedding in Charleston
Louise Marburg
  1. The Querent
Alan Robert Proctor
  1. Butterfly Girl and Mirage Boy
Don Zancanella


Kristina Marie Darling
  1. Theater of the Mind: On Recent Performance Texts by Khadijah Queen & Meredith Stricker
Maryfrances Wagner
  1. The End of Pink by Kathryn Nuernberger


Mark Halliday & Martin Stannard
  1. The Visitors


Jeff Alessandrelli
  1. "In Spite of Everything." -Jacqueline Lamba
  2. "The Meaning of Life is That It Stops." -Franz Kafka
  3. "At the Present Time, in All Honesty, I Am Interested in the Longevity of Fecal Matter." -Sir Richard Walnen
Mary Biddinger
  1. Dregs Week
Bruce Bond
  1. Hands
  2. Monster
  3. The Ghost in the Shape of an Unnamed Flower
  4. Manifesto
Emily Borgmann
  1. When the Dreams Know More than You Do
Christopher Citro
  1. The Low Crumble of Distant Applause
Paul Dickey
  1. Be Careful What You Desire When You Despair
Henry Israeli
  1. Alone with Only Our Thoughts to Destroy Us
  2. Reflections at the End
Elizabeth Jacobson
  1. Mountains Hidden in Mountains
  2. On Foot
Mike James
  1. Michael Benedikt's Suitcase
  2. In Bob Dylan's Neighborhood
Meridian Johnson
  1. Souvenir Said
Robin Fulton Macpherson
  1. "If" in Spring
  2. Summer without Words
  3. Summer Solstice
  4. Surface
Al Maginnes
  1. As Much Salvation as One Can Believe
Göran Malmqvist
  1. The Stone That Eats Sound
Kyle McCord
  1. Watching Hoarders with My Father
  2. Watching a Cialas Ad with My Father
Gary McDowell
  1. Marriage And
  2. Palindrome
Christopher Miles
  1. The Sun Goes Down at Last
John A. Nieves
  1. Tarnish
Kyle Norwood
  1. The Business of Business
Martin Ott
  1. Mission
Eric Pankey
  1. The Apprenticeship
  2. Outtakes from The Newlywed Game
  3. What Is the Purpose of Your Visit
Simon Perchik
  1. *
Sandra Ramirez
  1. What Happened to Stargirl?
Dana Roeser
  1. Desert Heart
Eliza Rotterman
  1. Dirt Eaters
Carrie Shipers
  1. Divas' Division
Kathryn Smith
  1. Chronic and Nameless
Maryfrances Wagner
  1. The Dead Don't Hear the Songs
Marcus Wicker
  1. On Being Told Prayer Is a Crutch


Tomas Tranströmer / Göran Malmqvist
Ingela Strandberg / Göran Malmqvist
Kjell Espmark / Robin Fulton Macpherson

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