Table of Contents


Amina Gautier
James Tate Hill

Creative Nonfiction


Mark Halliday and Martin Stannard


Kristin George Bagdanov
  1. Monster Body
  2. Fault Line
Deborah Bernhardt
Jason Bradford
Taylor Collier
Kay Cosgrove
Lindsay Daigle
Adam O. Davis
  1. A House Unfit Even For Ghosts, 1783
  2. Astronauts, 1809
  3. Astronauts
Piotr Florczyk
  1. Pastoral
  2. Lullaby
Chris Forhan
James Grabil
  1. Classical Sousa
  2. We Must Adapt
Becca Shaw Glaser
  1. I'm in Love With All Humans! I Have a Crush on All of Them!
  2. The Planet of Lost Things
Rebekah Denison Hewitt
Jonathan Hobratsch
  1. Butterfly Effect
Rich Ives
  1. A Disability
  2. A Male Viewer of the Women in Paintings Exhibit
Rachel McLeod Kaminer
  1. Hither
  2. Speaking
  3. Infrasound
  4. Mondegreen
George Looney
  1. The Girl Who Made Love in Cemeteries
  2. The Lyrical Prophesies of a Spanish Guitar
Erin J. Mullikin
  1. Sleeping Potion
Ethan Paquin
  1. Widow's Watch, Widow's Peak
Bill Rector
  1. Page from a Universal Album
Dana Roeser
  1. Cindy from Marzahn on the Night of the Mayan Apocalypse
Martha Ronk
  1. Sugimoto's Seas
Justin Runge
Steven D. Schroeder
  1. nothing
  2. the city
Brittney Scott
  1. Story
Carrie Shipers
  1. Hell of a Hand
Hilary Sideris
Kevin Stein
  1. History of Static
  2. Why I'm Auditioning Vegetarianism
Coleman Stevenson
  1. It was perfectly dark until he taught me to see
Christine Stroud
Jason Stumpf
  1. Killing a Robin
  2. Roman Stamps
Jacob Sunderlin
  1. A Jobber is a Wrestler Who Always Loses
Heather Treseler
  1. From the Gnostic's Book of Genesis
  2. Niagra Falls
Sam Witt
  1. Moonlight in the Body of the Lyre
Jane Wong
  1. A Constellation
  2. An Elegy for the Selves

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