Table of Contents


Robert Alexander
  1. What We Can Learn from Other Primates
  2. This Year Ralph Sees
Nin Andrews
  1. The Woman and The Golden Nuggets
  2. An Inexplicable Urge to Dance
Jose Araguz
  1. Field Mouse
  2. Clock Ode
  3. Lucky God
Robert Archambeau
  1. Leopards in the Temple
  2. The Ball Rider
Renee Ashley
  1. from Her Book of Difficulties
  2. [Because the door]
  3. [Soon after she]
  4. [She's turned]
Lea Banks
  1. Grapefruit and Milk
  2. Turpentine
Hadara Bar-Nadav
  1. Revel
Claire Bateman
  1. A Bedtime Story
Mary Biddinger
  1. Some Truths
  2. Sacre Coeur
  3. Notre Dame de Paris
Lucy Biederman
  1. The Captivity and Restoration of Mary Rowlandson
  2. Learning to Live With It
Joe Bonomo
  1. Origin Stories
Peter Burghardt
  1. Karaoke at the White Horse
  2. Darkness and Daylight Touch in the Prime of our Adventure
  3. Tent Stakes
Brigitte Byrd
  1. Think Like A Blue Rider
Lauren Camp
  1. Scraps
Julie Carr
  1. from Real Life : An Installation - Happiness Report
  2. from Real Life : An Installation - Freedom Report
  3. from Real Life : An Installation - Freedom Report
  4. from Real Life : An Installation - Shame
  5. from Real Life : An Installation - The Enemy
Monika Cassel
  1. Arrival
Maxine Chernoff
Ewa Chrusciel
  1. from Contraband of Hoopoe
Dan Coffey
  1. Unwound
Peter Conners
  1. Fuck It: I'm Not Going to Join the Mile High Club
Matthew Cooperman
  1. A Little History of the Panorama
Joshua Corey
  1. Complete Adventures
Lucy Corin
  1. Dream House
Jon Davis
  1. Fashion Report
  2. The Rejected
  3. Apocolypse
Sean Thomas Dougherty
  1. When Her Mother is Dying, What Do You Say to a Child?
  2. Postcard from the Lobby of No Motel You Want to Know
Danielle C. Deulen
  1. On Prognostications
Paul Dickey
  1. About What I Do Not Know
  2. What My Characters Should Have Said
Michelle Disler
Sherrie Flick
  1. Joshua in Town
Jean Fremon trans. Cole Swensen
  1. The Posthumous Life of R.W.
Arielle Greenberg
  1. The Girl from Boston
  2. I Was My Competition
Kate Greenstreet
Piotr Gwiazda
  1. Empty Stadiums
Leslie Harrison
  1. from the Proteus the Boy
Rochelle Hurt
  1. Shame Story I: Origins & Outcomes
  2. Shame Story II: Posessions
  3. Shame Story III: Direct Objects
Elizabeth Jacobson
  1. A Seam in the Ether
  2. Each/night
Russell Jaffe
  1. Los Angeles, California
  2. Donuts
Christopher Kennedy
Gregory Kimbrell
  1. The Advance of the Glacier
Gerry LeFemina
  1. Last Saturday
  2. Uncertainty Principles
Dana Levin
  1. Fat as Balloons
Ariana Lombardi
  1. Letters to Strangers
Gian Lombardo
  1. Holding Pattern
  2. Roll Over
  3. Broken
Christina Marrocco
Philip Metres
  1. Little Jerusalem
  2. Little Jerusalem
  3. Little Jerusalem
Todd McCarty
  1. The Ultimate Kitten Charm Bracelet
Gary McDowell
  1. "...the inability to isolate a sensation..."
Curtis Mueller
  1. Rubber Sphere
Sheryl Noethe
  1. Broken
Amy Newman
  1. Trigger Warning
  2. After Time
Kim Parko
  1. John and She
  2. Now Time
Chad Parmenter
  1. from Weston's Unsent Letters to Modotti: It was never a matter of aperture
  2. The Public's Eyes are Flies'
Olivar de la Paz
  1. Labyrinth Sequence
Katie Peterson
  1. All the Little Hells
  2. All the Little Hells
  3. All the Little Hells
Robert Andrew Perez
  1. Hypnagoia Logia
  2. Hypnagoia Logia
  3. Hypnagoia Logia
Laura Ramos
Linwood Rumney
  1. A Complex Negotiation with the Dead
  2. A Complex Negotiation with the Living
E.M. Schorb
  1. The Remainder Man
  2. Wilder than Wilder
Erin Stalcup
  1. Childhood Memories of an Adult Lefty
Arianna Sullivan
  1. Scene at the Beach
Mathias Svalina
  1. Texas
  2. Vermont
  3. Virginia
Craig Morgan Teicher
  1. Fable
  2. Waiting
Amish Trivedi
  1. A Thousand Years of Staring
Keith Tuma
  1. Zero Hedge
Rosalynde Vas Dias
  1. Gesturing
  2. St. Joseph
Christina Veladota
  1. Come In All You Pallbearers of Memory
  2. The World Had Been Sad Since Tuesday
  3. If I Were To Haunt You, I'd Keep to Myself
Sam Witt
  1. Ten Tweets From the Future
Michael J. Wilson
  1. Rhododendron
Joshua Young
  1. I Don't Care What You Say, Rollins Is The Man
  2. Every Interview Is A Punk Test

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