Table of Contents


Colleen O'Brien
  1. Sasha
Judy Sobeloff
  1. Lookout
Stephen Tuttle
  1. Blight
Gretchen VanWormer
  1. Would You Like to See a Picture of Ricket-Girl?


Heather McEntarfer
  1. Stitching


Betsy Andrews
  1. from The Bottom
Rosetta Ballew-Jennings
Michael Benedikt
  1. from Of Garter Belts; & Also Of The Hooks & Snaps Attached To The Garter-Straps Customarily Dangling Down Therefrom
Chloe Krug Benjamin
  1. Fortune
  2. Mary, at 9 Months, Goes to God and Asks About Her Son
Laurie Blauner
  1. Miniature Landscape
  2. Aging in the Little Place
John Bradley
  1. Everything that Lists
  2. In Which Sallie Ponders the Bothersome Business of Was I Billy's Girl?
J. Dee Cochran
  1. In the Depths of Matthew McConaughey's Dimples
  2. Bibliography
Catie Crabtree
  1. Self-Portrait as the Futurist Manifesto of Women's Fashion
Jim Daniels
  1. Short Guide to the Addiction Memoir
  2. The Memoirist's Addendum
Nick DePascal
  1. Interrogation (for four voices)
  2. Money-Making Formula of Chemical Magic
Rebecca Farivar
  1. Bad Godesberg
  2. Am Rhein
  3. Am Fluss
Barbara Claire Freeman
  1. Sequel
  2. Parable
John Fry
  1. as Mary after the eclipse/of her radiance threshold
  2. wrecked, solitary, there
Christopher Kennedy
  1. Love Poem for People Who Hate Themselves: The Grand Kinetic Neon Macabre
  2. Love Poem for People Who Hate Themselves: Searching for Kim Fowly
  3. Love Poem for People Who Hate Themselves: The Seeded Light
Goran Malmqvist
  1. The stone that eats sound
Bernard Matambo
  1. A Town on the Frontier
  2. The Cunning
Zachary Paisley
  1. The sidewalk extends
Michael Robins
  1. Bad Ideas Dancing
  2. Vampire Routines
  3. All of Them
  4. Getting Warmer
Glenn Shaheen
  1. Blue Ribbons
Ingela Strandberg
  1. Dr. Mr. Thoreau
Adam Strauss
  1. New Ecology
Heather Treseler
  1. The Shade
  2. Heresy
Sarah Vap
  1. from Winter: Aphorisms


Mark Halliday & Martin Stannard
  1. The Doves of Dubrovnik

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