Table of Contents


Kirie Pederson
  1. Eat Light
James Reed
  1. If You Look Close
Andrew Rhodes
  1. Wizard of Oz
Pablo Pinero Stillmann
  1. The Vacant Floor


Susan Fox Rogers
  1. Learning the Birds


Francesca Abbate
  1. Welcome to Melinoe
  2. I See a Long Journey
Michael Benedikt
  1. Picnicking in the Infinite
  2. Strong Tastes
  3. Arnold
Erica Bernheim
  1. Your Mother Was an Extra in a Mello-Yello Commercial
  2. Three Guys from Montana
Jenny Browne
  1. Lungs
  2. Run Said the Elephants
  3. Madrono
  4. Anniversary Poem
Rick Bursky
  1. But First
  2. The Pity
Maxine Chernoff
J.L. Conrad
  1. Rabble
  2. Poem in Which Everything Again Becomes Possible
Nick Courtwright
  1. Beauty and the Beast
  2. A Brief Essay on Sameness
Stephen Danos
  1. We Will Never Go To Phoenix
Adam Day
  1. Elegy With a Slinking Cat
  2. How to Move
Paul Dickey
  1. The Determinism of Improv
Dennis Etzel Jr.
  1. from My Secret Wars of 1984
Gary Fincke
  1. Turning Sixty-Five: How to Rid Your House of Ghosts
  2. Closets
Matthew Gagnon
  1. from Luminous Terrene
Dan George
  1. Hammer Fist
  2. Song
  3. The Angels Share
Jeff Hardin
  1. Intervals At War With the Central Narrative
  2. Approaches Being Borne Back Toward Beginning
Nathan Hauke
  1. Ridge cross horses
  2. Red glass eye
Troy Jolimore
  1. Going Viral
  2. Laden With Bright Packages
Jennifer Schomburg Kanke
  1. Rear Window, Suburban Style
Erin Lyndal Martin
  1. Colony Collapse: Testing for Nosema
  2. Immersed in Honey
Kyle McCord
  1. [I'd like to take a moment to honor the ordinary]
Jennifer Moore
  1. The Wolves are Sleeping, but I'm Not Tired
  2. She Gets Very Close to the Mirror
William Neumire
  1. Lightning Alphabet
  2. This Is How to Go About It
Emmy Perez
  1. Wildlife Refuge Poetics
Jay Robinson
  1. Compliance
  2. New Constructions
  3. Academic Integrity
Christopher Salerno
  1. from ATM
Carrie Shipers
  1. Forty Years Later, Ann Darrow Finally Gives an Interview
  2. Namesake
Page Hill Starzinger
  1. Seepage
  2. Long Distance
Jordan Stempleman
  1. from The Resurfacing of Edgar Rice Burroughs
Ingela Strandberg tr. Goran Malmqvist
  1. And Then
Joshua Ware
John Sibley Williams
David Wojciechowski
  1. A Snake Is Not a Symbol, It Is Everything
  2. He Yells at Me in Horse


Andrew Mulvania
  1. On The Arcadia Project (Ahsahta, 2012) Joshua Corey and G.C. Waldrep, eds.

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