Fall 2011

Table of Contents

The First Annual Midwest Short Fiction Contest—Winnter

Bryan Furuness
  1. The Lost Episodes

The First Annual Midwest Short Fiction Contest—Runner-Up

Christopher Merkner
  1. Our Time in Norrmalmstorg


Margaret Hermes
  1. Relative Strangers
Elizabeth Poliner
  1. Passing Lane


Mary Jo Bang
  1. Canto XXXI
Dan Beachy-Quick
  1. Poem
Erica Bernheim
  1. The Mimic Sea
Mark Bibbins
  1. Breakout Session
  2. My Brightness Button
Bruce Bond
  1. Seize
  2. Shell
Oni Buchanan
  1. Death Parachute
  2. The Sun Turns Like a Pinwheel
Maxine Chernoff
  1. Notes
  2. Purchase
  3. Drones
  4. Word
Adam Clay
  1. Sounds of an Emptying House
Kinzee Ellis
  1. Etymology Lesson 3
Kathy Fagan
  1. Cinder
  2. The Signal Master's Song
Dobby Gibson
  1. It Becomes You
Beckian Fritz Goldberg
  1. My Science
  2. X
Ray Gonzalez
  1. Driving Past a Missile Silo Near Langsden, North Dakota
  2. Jack Spicer's Planet
Noah Eli Gordon
  1. The New Brutalism
  2. Continental Realism
  3. A Dialectic of Verticality
David Kirby
  1. Love in Vain
Michael McLane
Amy Newman
  1. When Delmore Schwartz Drives His Buick Roadmaster Through the Holland Tunnel, He Imagines Walt Whitman behind the Wheel
  2. After Four-Year-Old Ted Roethke Recovers From Mastoiditis, He Wanders Into The Saginaw Oat Field and Gets Lost
Emmy Perez
  1. El Rio Conchos and the Pecos flow into el Rio Grande~Bravo
  2. The Age of Jesus
Kathleen Peirce
  1. The Green Vault
D. A. Powell
  1. Orchard in January
  2. Midnight Cowbell
Bin Ramke
  1. A Self as Tables of Affinities (Periodic Table)
Emily Rosko
Cole Swensen
  1. from Landscapes on a Train
Craig Morgan Teicher
  1. Beginnings for an Essay in Spite of Itself
Elizabeth Clark Wessel
Allison Benis White
  1. from "Small Porcelaim Head"
Joshua Marie Wilkinson
  1. Meadow Slasher (VIII)
Jon Woodward
  1. from Uncanny Valley
  2. Clock

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