Spring 2011

Table of Contents


Jacqueline Guidry
  1. Lobster Man
Elizabeth Poliner
  1. Passing Lane
Joseph Rein
  1. Encyclopedia Alanica
Maija Stromberg
  1. The Addison Kiss


Sara Loewen
  1. Fifteen Times Over the Bridge


Jane Lewty
  1. Review of Rob Schlegel's The Lesser Fields
Nick Sturm
  1. Review of Rae Armantrout's Money Shot
  2. Review of David Dodd Lee's The Nervous Filaments
Jay Robinson
  1. Review of Christopher Kennedy's Ennui Prophet


Charlie Clark
  1. Spoiler Alert
Dana Roeser
  1. Genius of the Prairie: Benton County Wind Farm
Zach Savich
  1. Asked To Explain His Trick The Magician Repeats and Repeats Abracadabra
  2. Under-Melt
Simeon Berry
  1. The doppelganger visits chapter 5
  2. The doppelganger and the rejoinder
Sarah Blackman
  1. Naturalism and Other Fairy Tales
Patrick Culliton
  1. from Jimmie Louie's Bald Remembrances
  2. from Jimmie Louie's Bald Remembrances
Jordan Davis
  1. Almost Named Horace
  2. The Names
Wayne Dodd
  1. A & Q
  2. A.M. Thoughts in the P.M. Or Maybe Vice Versa.
  3. One of the Very Nice Things About Poems
Joshua Gottlieb-Miller
  1. Grocery Store Etiquette
Jon Cotner and Andy Fitch
  1. Umbrellas in Snow
Jeff T. Johnson
  1. So Long
  2. Crow's Nest
Stephanie Kartalopoulos
  1. Everything set to this wind
  2. West
Joseph Lease
  1. How Do You Sleep?
Tyler Meier
  1. Apples From Ohio
  2. One Body
Marc Paltrineri
  1. Night and Other Commercials
Michael C. Peterson
  1. from R E P E A T E R
  2. Untitled
Emily Rosko
  1. [I can drink with any tinker]
  2. Stock, Still
Michael Teig
  1. I rinsed my face and wished to be rid of it.
  2. as you may have noticed
Jennifer Atkinson
  1. Canticle of Fire
Jay Robinson
  1. Literal Truth
Kelli Anne Noftle
  1. There's nothing new
  2. What is a thing
Weston Cutter
  1. is is light
Sara Tracey
  1. Silver Palm Aubade
Gillian Cummings
  1. Reve
  2. Dessin
Maureen Alsop
  1. Xenomancy
  2. Sortilege In Which Fish Fly
Joseph Massey
  1. Vernal Equinox
Sasha West
  1. Whom the Gods Would Destroy, They First Make Famous

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