Yes, Washington was something terrific but there’s something
about the roar of laughter back home in the Meadowlands

with the river's power plant saying we really are made from fire
because we don’t know if we’re any happier but we’re making

something bright tonight. Maybe a time zone is a duet, and maybe
being all alone is a different kind of song / but each night anyways

I’m with my best friend who doesn’t exist anymore,
and we're sleeping on the open marsh in another world

where I turn and say I’m just so filled with hope and he says
don’t be silly, you have to be asleep to dream that good

A quarter of a century to learn a vicious cycle starts
with a smile and a promise. We'll meet again

and I’ll close that distance. I can be an electric guitar too -
playing myself / or an atom smashing itself apart —

because here in this wonderful land of push and shove
if I wake up covered in bruises it means I’m alright
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