Interview Featuring Gun & Three Daddies
                               you not supposed to give babies honey
um you could walk on your own.How long was I down there?

we stayed down there a good whileI was gonna try t   but after
 that they tried to kill everyboI said I ain’t gonna be able to do itAnd I went back home and that was it. The last time, you wasn’t nothing
about 7 months o
             Wait, butas born I was born in Kansas, right?
yall left the arm
when I got pregnant. That was on my birthday
Yh, you was nine months laterov, dec, jan, feb, mar, april, june, july, august.

                                              always said mama’s baby    daddy’s maybe  But he looked just like Uncle Lawrence. He just say that, to tease him. He had a hart attack or something, he passed away I think before grandmahad
                   That was the last time I saw him?

noe last time was when we was down there.

                     Oh, well yeah, In LA

                                                  that’s when e let at mehe said get in the car    
                                                  he said get r get in the car I      said what the hell going on? and Tina, the younger girl, C     
                                                  I didn’t know what the hell was going on    
                                                                                      I didn’t see the gun they always thought carl had killed Bubba, but he didn’t kill him. I don’t even think he was home then. He didn’t like him, but
ya grandma Beverly had a hard life
                                     she seen her mother get killed, an. 
                                     her daddygrandpawas real light looked like grandpa’s folks. But they wn’t together, I don’t
know ifCarl’s daddy was. said his last name was terry. but you know that Jackson, he um, Deboh and Tina’s dad, he                                                         was a Jackson ev was his wife, then the next block over he had another wife and, so
he was a whatchacall them   a bigamy   bigamy


polygamy  whatever

so Beverly gave Carl that name too  see    that’s just like us   we all like that we
 all notlle. You know dad’s real
 was a laneseparated as                       divorced w
 married                       pregnant    
                                                              adopted by the lanes, the ones I went to school with. g
you know wt I.       
               just laughed.

                              that’s how we came up
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