Interview Featuring Boy in Wheelchair
Siritt       liked them white boys
   daddyi      would take partvacuum cleaner hoses and hit her with

mama noshpicked up a glass ashtray and threw it at me And grandma had seen it one time,andma said she snatched me head. Mama don’t know how to take care of no kid. And then she had meat a later edge and I prI was bad Now I admit thatYou know. I was bad. Now see she didn’t know how to raise me. Now I wasn’t bad like that with grandma.
I would would put o

mama’s bra over my clothes and be outside playing and dancing, and
people go by just laughing because I was real little,

I remember this other girl, I was about 6 or 7, and we lived on Girard, I was a little bit younger.

we’d go up and down the streetr f and beg for candy. And I think a lot of times

her brother,   would try to mess with me toobut he couldn’t do
 too much.Caushe had a broken leg, you know.

              You mean he broke it, or it was perpetually broken?

he was in a wheelchair, heas always trying to feel on me
                                                 I wasn’t nothing but seven then

               How old was he?

he was a teenager

              Ah shit.
\thing he could seeuse  a lot of stuff could’ve happened to me
that’s why I al liked to stay with grandma, it wasn’t that grandma wanted to keep me, it w,

we just too attached to one another, I
know what I meanwm she was a hard woman, but we.

I remember some  t thingsI reer real good

you try not to remember shit
     but I I canna remember that  
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