Has Scientists Concerned
A 160-foot deep methane crater in Siberia, storms stronger
in the Atlantic each passing year, colony collapse, a child’s toy
left at the top of the stairs, ambient warmth, melting ice,
the weapons and manifesto found in the scout leader’s trunk,
invasive species, the winnowing of empathy, disappointing results
from clinical trials, the proximity of the newly discovered black hole,
the proximity of the second hand to midnight, the proximity
of North Korea to Japan, an irregular mole on the upper back,
an emaciated polar bear loping across the ice, deepfake videos
cranked out by AI, the singularity, a red tide, the red shift,
event horizon, tech stocks and hog futures going gangbusters,
the thought that everything will never be enough,
the rabbit’s screams from somewhere deep in the woods.
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