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  1. Marcus Wicker Interview

    We had the privilege to interview Marcus Wicker last October. Wicker takes us into his world by describing his writing tactics and how the issues in the world inspire him in his poetry.

Weekly feature- "The Saddest Thing is a Kiss"

This Wednesday feature is from issue 49.1 called "The Saddest Thing is a Kiss" by Timothy Liu.

The Saddest Thing is a Kiss

without feeling. A fly-by
drive-thru air kiss, or worse,
all eyes fixed on a family-
sized peck to the cheek

during the holidays in a room
that reeks of potpourri
sprayed from a goddamn
can. The connubial kiss

that has to be redone.
The status-update kiss
with all parties tagged
and subsequently liked

or commented on with
a chain of less-than threes
when what needs to be said
is Get a Fucking Room!

Stolen and surreptitious
trumps those fictitious
Kodak story-book scripts—
sunsets caressed by air-

brushed waves drier than
my nana's pussy. Slurp
slurp slurp go the lips.
Gobble gobble gobble

goes the mouth chasing
after cherries bounce
from one end of a vintage
screen to another, all of us

down to our last quarters.