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  1. Marcus Wicker Interview

    We had the privilege to interview Marcus Wicker last October. Wicker takes us into his world by describing his writing tactics and how the issues in the world inspire him in his poetry.

Weekly Features!

Starting this week there will be weekly features of published works from the Laurel Review. This week's feature is from vol. 47 issue 2 called "Circles" by Michelle Y. Burke.


Night. It's snowed all day. Cornfields and trees
collect what the wind lifts. On a train,
a man and woman face each other.

They don't speak; they look past each other.
She watches the moon whiten. He watches trees
thin to darkness. She remembers another train

marked by a silence like snow, a northbound train
that carried their argument like another
toy lost to childhood. He remembers trees,

toy trees and little trains, one passing the other.