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  1. Marcus Wicker Interview

    We had the privilege to interview Marcus Wicker last October. Wicker takes us into his world by describing his writing tactics and how the issues in the world inspire him in his poetry.

  2. Chapbook Contest 2017- NOW OPEN

    Poets the 2017 Chapbook contest opened two days ago!

    Have you submitted yet? If not, then you should!

    Remember 25-35 pieces, $15 entry fee, and $250 prize AND a reading at Northwest Missouri State University.

New Online Content -- "Eat Light" by Kirie Pedersen

This week's featured online content is a prose selection from Issue 46.2. Check out "Eat Light" from contributor Kirie Pedersen...

When Janie received news of her father’s death, she was surprised at how little she felt. She kept pressing at this nothingness to see if anything emerged: a shriek, a feral howl. Then she called Celia. “So,” Celia said, drawling out the vowel. “The Very Reverend’s no longer with us.” Janie pinched a leaf of basil. The fragrance enlivened her. “Thank God,” Celia said. She laughed, and after a moment, Janie laughed too.

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