P.K. Harmon What Was What Is

I used to be this old maple in front of this old house on a narrow
drive in winter or summer or spring or autumn
But now I am that coconut tree and there are no seasons and the only
road worth considering is salty and vast

I used to be any number of birds (what a variety of birds!) that come
and go and build and abandon with the warmth and cold
But now I am this single tern, a speck of white on a blue canvas

I used to be that bird that tree that path
But now I am this bird this tree this path

I used to be an old woman looking out a window
at anything stirring

I used to eat on roof tops with families not my own

Sing this with me: I used to be a planter of seeds
I used to be a planter of seeds
But now there are no seasons
And now I eat alone

I used to know and was sad to know

I used to be hers and hers and hers
But now I am no one's

Sing: I used to have brown eyes
But now I have green, both of them floating

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