Dobby Gibson State Room

Whether or not you think you can,
this isn't some wet
paper bag you can tear
your way out of,
however ungorgeously or upheld
like a conviction to some light
or higher standard,
in the process pretending
to an aristocracy of elegantly feigned astonishments,
everyone thinking, Why can't you
be more like your sister?

This season they're saying
that red is the new black,
and so you can't help but dream
of everything in your life
you could have sent back to the kitchen.
It will count just as much then,
another instant in which you decide
your favorite song is whatever you think
you hear on the radio
just before you turn it on.
A real evening's kind of evening:
the utilities paid off,
the piano begging for moonlight,
and you, alone in a palace
that's always left on.

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