Table of Contents


Meghan E. O'Toole
  1. The Moth Catcher
James Braun
  1. If They Ask Where We've Gone
Katherine Sanchez Espano
  1. The Edge of Suburbia
Mark DiFruscio
  1. Hold that Thought
Julie F. Green
  1. Prizehead
Lauren Osborn
  1. Boil Me Alive
Hally Winters
  1. Lemoncrest


Alex Poppe
  1. Tethered
Gretchen VanWormer
  1. The Mucking Out of Grief


Rick Bursky
  1. The Spiritual Suggesting Companionship
Janice N. Harrington
  1. Asphalt
  2. Self-Portrait as Charles H. Turner
  3. Tasseographer
Kerry Carnahan
  1. [My ancestors are empty words],
  2. The concussed foreign agent wakes
Nate Maxson
  1. Rain Spell
  2. Limerance Haibun
Haolun Xu
  1. Grand Wind
  2. Quintet for a Lonely Planet
Rosalynde Vas Dias
  1. Living with This
Martha Silano
  1. The Tasks of Angels
  2. I sold my predicates,
Mary Lou Buschi
  1. Memento Mori
  2. Just Semantics
Clara O'Gara
  1. String Theory
Yasmina Martin
  1. post-riot summer
  2. bodega cherries
Sean Thomas Dougherty
  1. The Shape of a Pill
Tina Carlson
  1. Poas
Phil Goldstein
  1. The Lover as Unexpected Glaciologist
  2. The Unburying
Daniel Moysaenko
  1. From Speakers and the Sleepers
Michael Homolka
  1. SoCal 5
  2. SoCal 15
G.C. Waldrep
  1. from Plague Nights
Jeff Hardin
  1. The Metaphor Keeps Adding to Itself
  2. Altar
Emily Rosko
  1. Mind You
  2. Where are You, Karen Volkman?: An Ode
  3. Thereafter
Joanna Fuhrman
  1. Outrage Fatigue
  2. A Heart is not a Metaphor
  3. Does this Data Make Me Look Fat?
Kasha Martin Gauthier
  1. Time Capsule: CNN, 10/29/2019
Christopher Citro & Dustin Nightengale
  1. Our Dust Collection in Great Demand
  2. I'll Wait Here in Steam I Make Myself
  3. We Come from the Orchard Eating
Page Hill Starzinger
  1. Washington Square Park "Jesus" Returns -- And is Quickly Arrested Again
  2. One Way of Looking at It
Tony Trigilio
  1. On Poetics
Cameron Barnett
  1. Pardon
  2. A Second Opinion
Jeff Newberry
  1. Discarded and Collected
Louise Robertson
  1. Sorry
Beverly Burch
  1. Unholy Sonnet
Ethel Rackin
  1. Main Street
  2. Inquiry
Grant Clauser
  1. How to Build an Emergency Shelter
  2. The Glaciers
Jake Bailey
  1. Animal Bones
Jeannine Hall Gailey
  1. Our Lives Have Stood
  2. Hello, I Am the Four Horsemen
  3. To Survive So Many Disasters
Michael Manerowski
  1. Missing
alyssa hanna
  1. fetal mandate
  2. when thor clarifies that loki is adopted
Emma DePanise
  1. Remove and Clean the Parts
  2. Things I Know to be True
Abbigail Baldys
  1. VA[012]
  2. VA[026]
  3. VA[008]
Brooke Harries
  1. Revelation
Jeffrey Bean
  1. "Impactful"
Tyler Kline
  1. The Past is an Egg the Width of a Thimble
Jason Tobin
  1. Warning Signs
  2. Consumer's Cult
Mary Biddinger
  1. A Radical Notion
  2. Sometimes a Ghost is Just a Ghost
Joellen Craft
  1. My Sudden Death: pushing the stroller to the lake


Francis X. Fitzpatrick
  1. A Sum of All Parts: a Review of Jeannine Ouellett's THE PART THAT BURNS
  2. George Who? A Review of Ross Wilcox's GOLDEN GATAE JUMPERS SOCIETY
Jamie O'Halloran
  1. Landing: A Review of Laurel Nakanishi's ASHORE
Juliana Converse
  1. From Eliot to Indie Rock: a Review of Thomas Calder's Debut Novel, THE WIND UNDER THE DOOR

Chapbook Finalists

Elizabeth Dodd
  1. from the Workbook of Interpretation of Dreams: Reading Comprehension
Jenny Grassl
  1. Reflection as Being in Lost Habitat
  2. The Museum of Wax Flowers
  3. In Inland Scrape of Sea
Tommy Archuleta
  1. From the Witch Hazel
  2. To the Flowering Plumb Out Back
  3. To the Magnolia
  4. From the Flowering Plumb
James D'Agostino
  1. Please Come
  2. New Lang Syne
SJ Pearce
  1. Meeting Three Ghosts in Belchite la Veija
  2. At the Fork in the Tongue
Brent Ameneyro
  1. A Giant Moth Crawls Out of Your Mouth
  2. Letter From a Paisa
  3. From Above
Jessica Reed
  1. See Figure 1.
  2. Bachelard and the Owl
Michael McLane
  1. Man on Fire I
  2. Man on Fire II
  3. Man on Fire III

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