Spring 2010

Table of Contents


Hadara Bar-Nadav
  1. Dissolution (Redux)
  2. That Wasn't Your Head Rolling By, Was It?
Walter Bargen
Amy Beeder
  1. H
Graeme Bezanson
  1. Aviary
  2. from Junk Sleep
Jaswinder Bolina
  1. Postcard
  2. My Face Instead of the Virgin Mary
Elizabeth Breese
  1. Exodus
Paula Closson Buck
  1. Rules of Thumb on Scale
Alex Chambers
  1. Capitalism
Daniel Coudriet
Nick Courtwright
Adam O. Davis
  1. Roswell, 1947
  2. Linoleum & Laminites
Oliver de la Paz
  1. From Now On, All Calamities are Subject to Change
  2. Rumors of My Disappearance as Conflict Resolution
Chris Forhan
Emily Kendall Frey
Kate Greenstreet
  1. from The Last Four Things
John Hoppenthaler
  1. Domestic Garden
Rebecca Keith
  1. Oh oh oh you do me wrong now
  2. One and Two and
Maud Kelly
  1. Louis Quatorze Comes to the Jade Room
Julie Lein
  1. Avocado
Keith Leonard
  1. upwind
  2. latitude
Gary L. McDowell
  1. The Nightmare Where I Walk in the Forest
Michael McLane
  1. Carte-de-visite # 33: Tableaux
  2. Aerial 1.03: Close-up of a Mark Hoffmann forgery
Alice Miller
  1. Poem with a title that gives too much away
Amy Newman
  1. The Space of Whether God Exists
Michelle Oakes
  1. An Explanation of Time
Alan Michael Parker
  1. My Giant
  2. The Plow Takes Out the Mailbox Again
Stella Vinitchi Radulescu
  1. let's talk Molloy the joyful return
  2. The consulting room
Boyer Rickel
  1. Box 3 (eros)
  2. Box 4 (hymn)
  3. Box 5 (toggle)
Jay Robinson
  1. Silent Film
Andrew Shields
  1. There
Jeremy Schmall
  1. Untitled -
  2. Untitled -
Steven D. Schroeder
  1. On Paper I'm Not as Scared as I Seem
  2. Of the Devil's Party
  3. I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means
Megan Snyder-Camp
  1. November
  2. Letter
Jordan Stempleman
  1. Monday
  2. Wednesday
Jennifer Sullivan
  1. Dear Stranger
Heather Treseler
  1. Descant of Sixth Acts
Tony Trigilio
  1. In which I am a train
  2. Good Night
G.C. Waldrep
  1. What We Did on the Boat
Kevin Ward
  1. The first stone


Joan Marcus
  1. Speechless
J.D. Smith
  1. A Week in Sound: Oaxaca, September 2007


John Blair
  1. The Fish
John Bullock
  1. Balancing
George Looney
  1. Claims of the Body


David Welch
  1. On All-American Poem, by Matthew Dickman
  2. On It Is Daylight, by Arda Collins

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