Winter 2004

Table of Contents


James Gill
Lucy Bucknell
  1. Winter Run
John G. Wallace
  1. When the Porch People Get Here
Judith Slater
  1. Snow Day
John Talbird
  1. Gangster
David Crouse
  1. Retreat


Bin Ramke
  1. Song of the North American Martyrs
  2. The Tender Grasses of the Field
Wayne Dodd
Albert Goldbarth
  1. A Gesture Made in the Martian Wastes
Gary Fincke
Susan Ludvigson
  1. Barcelona, The Spanish Civil War: Alfonso Laurencic Invents Torture by Art
Paula Closson Buck
  1. Mom Killed by Tractor in Bid to Dodge Police
Michael Heller
  1. [from] The Tibet Sequence
James Arthur
Charles Harper Webb
  1. Evolution
Kathleen Price
  1. Joy
  2. The Bells Break Down Their Tower
David Swerdlow
  1. Passing the Cathedral
Rebecca Hoogs
  1. Honeymoon
  2. Dogs
Arielle Greenberg
Diane Wald
  1. One Thing You Have Never (Dream of the Realtors)
Scott Minar
  1. Tunnel Light
Elizabeth Dodd
  1. Philology
Katherine Soniat
Kelly Moffett
  1. For Lease: Emily
Robert Gibb
  1. The Prodigal's Version of Emsworth
Eileen Hennessy
  1. Saturday Night at the Saloon
Patrick Moran
  1. Sneaking Cigarettes
William Greenway
  1. Tenebrae
Joshua Kryah
  1. Dear Orpheus
Kent Shaw
  1. Prologue


Peter Makuck
  1. Secular Faith and Holy Strangeness

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